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peanut sheller machine

peanut sheller machine for sale peeling groundnut-victor oil press machine

Peanut sheller machine, also called peanut husking machine or peanut peeling machine, is a popular product developed by my company according to the current demand of peanut market. It is the best-selling product of our company in recent years. The main features of the peanut sheller machine is that the peanuts processed are with low breakage, clean sorting and less impurities.The small peanut shelling machine can adapt to different varieties of peanut shelling, due to its small size, easy operation, especially suitable for families and individuals use.

peanut sheller machine peanut shelling machine

how to operate peanut sheller machine

1. Requirements for the operating personnel. The operating personnel must be trained with appropriate technology, operations can be carried out only when the operator has the ability to operate the equipment. Before operation, the operator should also be familiar with machine operation instruction.
2. Preparation for equipment. Small groundnut shelling machines should be placed in the area or room with solid and flat ground. Fix the small groundnut sheller machine in the concrete foundation with expansion bolts or anchor bolt.the sheller machine should also meet the requirements for power supply of the machine, and check whether each movement part of the equipment is in good lubrication.
3. Commissioning before use. When the groundnut peeling machine is in normal condition, the test run can be carried out. Put into a certain amount of test materials according to the working speed. Test the technical data and adjust the peanut peeling machine according to the test results to meet the technical requirements and start to operate.
4. Finally, good care of the peanut peeling machine should be taken. After the operation, the debris inside and outside of the machine should be remove timely, and add butter in the moving parts of the support.the final peanut shell and byproduct can be turned into feed pellet with poultry feed large pellet mill or fish feed extruder into fish feed.

groundnut sheller machinegroundnut shelling machine

The working principle of peanut sheller machine

Peanut shelling machine consists of frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen (with two sizes), feeding hopper, vibration sieve, belt pulley, transmission belt and other components. When the peanut shelling machine is in normal operation, input quantitative peanuts into the hopper in a uniform and continuous way. The peanuts would be crushed under repeated strikes, friction and collision of the rotor. Then, the peanut kernels and broken peanut shells would be filtered and seperated through the screen with certain aperture under the rotating air pressure of the rotor(screen with large holes should be used in the first threshing, then small screen should be used for the second time shelling after cleaning the peanuts). Under the blowing of fan, peanut shells in slight weight would be blown out of the machine, the heavier peanut kernels would pass through the vibration screen for cleaning purpose.

groundnut peeling machine groundnut sheller machine

specification of peanut shelling machine



Net Rate>98.5%>98.5%>98.5%>98.5%
Broken Rate<3%<3%<3%<3%
Support Power


Overall Weight


Overall Dimension