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oil filter machine

cooking oil filter machine for sale,edible oil refinery machine supplier

oil filter machine is a necessary device used for removing residue and water from pressed edible
oil. It can work in combination with screw oil press and automatic oil expeller to directly filter
cooking oil extruded from over twenty kinds of oil seeds such as sunflower seed,soybean,
sesame,flaxseed,etc.We are capable to customize plate oil filter for both small and medium
edible oil mills.The oil touching part is made of stainless steel material for hygienic filtering.

oil filter machine

Oil Filter Machine Structure

oil filter machine is composed of filtering bed,oil pump and filter,etc. Between filter plates and
filter frame insets filter cloth or paper as filtering media. The pressure from pinch device fixes
filter plates and frame to be an independent filtering chamber and filtering cloth plays the role
of filtering crude edible oil.,this kind of centrifugal oil filter machine apart the oil from oil scrap to
get apart the liquid from solidify.When the barrate stops,the absolute oil flow out from barrate
to finishing filtering. This oil refinery machine has no quick wear part, and save electricity
and time, the oil is of high quality and purity. No quick-wear part for long time working
and no waste of the filter cloth The centrifugal oil refinery machine is the centrifugal
force generated by high speed rotation of the drum so that the oil is separated from the slag
and achieve liquid-solid separation. When the drum when the drum stops rotating absolutes
from slipping,to filtering purposes,pure oil can then experiment on the fire, can not afford to
foam, does not overflow the pot.

centrifugal oil filter machinerefinery machine

centrifugal oil filter machine  centrifugal oil filter machine


Advantage of oil refinery machine

1.Filtration speed can be up to four minutes a time per day,each amount of the filtering quantity
by 10 or 15 kg,oil residue will be filtered by each 1000kg.

2.Comparing with other equipment,we can use it for a long time without any consumption items,
replacing&consuming of the filter cloth.

3.After starting the power the rotor drum will reach to the normal speed ,and the power supply
will be broken,oil will be filtered by the centrifugal force of the rotor drum.This can save electricity.

4.Using this kind of centrifugal oil refinery machine will be with no consumption,a purchase,saving
electricity and time, high-definition effects,easy operating,higher grade oil, can be directly canned for
sale or direct edible.the edible oil refinery machine using effects are better than any other filter
equipment.Such as plant oil-filter needs to replace and consume the filter cloth,pressure filter
by overpressure will be brought about the dangerour in exploding and the flaw in low

vacuum oil filter machine vacuum oil refiner machine

vacuum oil refinery machine                            vacuum oil refinery machine


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