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6YL-120 home use oil extraction

home use oil extraction machine,best oil extraction machine price for sale

home use oil extraction machine helps you make your own healthy cooking oil at home with just one
button click! Taste fresh oil in minutes! Our home oil extraction machine can be used for extracting
oil from various raw materials, suchas peanuts /groundnuts, soybeans, rape seeds / canola seeds,
cotton seeds,sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, jatropha seeds, coconut / copra, palm kernels,tea seeds,
flax seeds etc. Sophisticated design with low investment,They can be used for various materials
such as Peanuts, Rapeseeds, Sesame seeds,Soybeans, cottonseeds,Tea seeds,
Tung Tree seeds, Sunflower seeds, Palm kernel, Coconut meat, Corn germ, Rice bran, Almonds,
Black cumin, Cacao beans, Coffee beans,Hazelnuts,Hempseed, Jatropha, Jojoba, Linseed,
Mustard seeds,Black seeds, Palm nuts, Poppy seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Shea nuts, Walnuts, etc.

home use oil extraction machine oil extraction machine for home

data of home use oil extraction machine

  • Capacity:6T per 24 Hours
  • Power:15kW/3-phase/1440rpm
  • Size: 1970 x 700 x 780mm
  • Weight:680kg

features of home use oil extraction machine

1.6YL-120 home use oil extraction equipment is a new kind of optimized oil press machine
based on all advantages of 6YL series ones, increased vacuum filter device, chamber,
automatic heating device and control system

2. The oil extraction machine for home is characteristics with fine figure, compact structure,
easy installment, high automation,rapid heating for chamber, pressing at random, high
output rate, clear oil and pure flavor and so on.

3.This oil mill equipment could extract vegetable oil from many kinds of oil seeds, such as
soybean, rape seeds, peanuts,coconut, sesame, etc.

oil extraction machine for saleoil extraction machine price

4. The oil extraction equipment has three parts: Screw oil press; Electrical control box
for preheating chamber,vacuum filter for cleaning oil.

5. All the above three parts work at one time, so only one machine could the user get
high quality edible oil.

6. This oil extraction machine for home match P L C display for automatically controlling
for seedfeeding, oil flowing, chamber heating,etc. Then manpower could be saved to improve your work efficiency.

oil extraction machine priceoil extraction equipment

specification of oil extraction machine for home

Raw MaterialCapacity (kg/hr)Output Rate(%)Cake Residual (%)
Rape seedsHot pressing7000-800030-387.5-8
Cold pressing2400-300028-35
PeanutHot pressing5000-700035-457
Cold pressing2000-300032-40
BeanHot pressing6000-700010-166.5-7
Cold pressing2500-35008-14
SesameHot pressing7000-800044-476.5-7.5
Cotton seedsCold pressing3000-350010-145.5-6.5