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6YL-100 oil making machine

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The cooking oil making machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the sunflower oil making plant which can extract vegetable oil,groundnut oil,sunflower oil,coconut oil,soybean oil from different oil materials. Including peanuts, black seeds, cumin, press rape, beans cotton seeds ,sesame, olive, sunflower, cotton seeds, tee seeds, coconuts ,cocoa, grass seeds corn pummels etc. the cooking oil making machine for home has multiple functions, including screw sunflower oil making machine , electrical element for heating chamber , and vacuum filter for clearing oil .the cooking oil making machine is a sprial-type cooking oil press.It has the advantages of low investment, simple matching, easy maintenance, strong adaptability and high efficiency of oil production, etc.This cooking oil making machine is in accordance with the standard JB/T9793.1-1999 for cooking oil pressing machine for home use.

cooking oil making machine for sale oil making machine for home

data of cooking oil making machine

· Capacity: 4.5-5T/24h 

· Output Efficiency: 68-92%

· Power: 7.5kw-1440rpm

· Size: 1860 x 550 x 695mm

features of cooking oil making machine

1.  this oil making machine for home is suitable for extract all types of oilseeds whether edible for getting cooking oil or non edible.
2. Filtration of oil is better than bigger oil mill giving transparent pure natural & “at a stretch convincing” appearance to the oil.
3. Decorticator has special provision for shelling groundnut for seed purpose without breakage.
4. Yield of oil is as high as big mills because of highly scientific worm sequence inside the chamber cage.
5. Maintenance expenses are negligible. Diesel consumption in engine is only 1.25 litre per hour.
6. This oil making machine for sale can be used for various materials, such as Peanut, Soybean, Grape seeds, Rape seeds, Sunflower seeds, Jatropha seeds, Palm kernel, etc.
7. This cooking oil making machine is suitable for medium and small sized oil extruding workshops or professional farmers
8. This screw oil press can be used for pre-pressing submerging oil workshops.

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specification of cooking oil making machine

Raw MaterialCapacity (kg/hr)Output Rate (%)Cake Residual (%)
Rape SeedsHot Pressing150-17030-387.5-8
Cold Pressing75-9528-35
PeanutHot Pressing150-18535-457
Cold Pressing45-6532-40
BeanHot Pressing145-16010-146.5-7
Cold Pressing70-1058-14
SeameHot Pressing150-17044-476.5-7.5
Cotton SeedsCold Pressing85-10510-14