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6YL-160 coconut oil press

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coconut oil press machine is an advanced seed oil press extruder, characterized by its simple design, easy to use,which is wide suitability and continuous operation, high productivity and high oil output rate. Moreover, this coconut oil machine can be used for various raw materials and depending on oil content of the particular crop you are pressing, the coconut oil press machine for sale will extract 90-95% of it. So for canola and sunflowers, you will get about 300 kgs per ton. Soybeans yield are about half and the remaining cake is worth more for animal feed.The fresh coconuts have to be well prepared before extracting. At first, crack open fresh coconuts and remove the copra by carefully prying the meat away from the shell with a knife. Cut the copra into 1/4 inch pieces. There is no need to remove the brown outer lining, called the testa, on the coconut meat. Allow the copra to dry thoroughly to remove all moisture from the meat.

coconut oil press machine for sale

benefits of coconut oil for health

Coconut oil is commonly applied in cooking, especially for frying and is a common flavor in many South Asian areas. In recent years, virgin coconut oil has increasingly become popular in natural food cookings and with vegetarians. It was represented in a New York Times article as having a haunting, nutty,flavor that also has a feel of sweetness, which works well in baked goods, pastries, and sautés.

Coconut oil can be extracted using either mechanical presses, or solvents (hexane). Mechanical pressed copra meal is of higher feeding value, because it contains typically 8-12% oil, whereas the solvent extracted copra meal contains only 2-4% oil. Premium quality copra oil meal can also contain 20-22% crude protein, and <20ppb aflatoxin.Coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizing, helping with dry skin and prevents protein loss when used in hair.

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data of coconut oil press machine

Model: 6YL-160
Capacity: 15-20T per 24Hours
Power: 22-30KW
Size: 2290*750*1020mm
Weight: 1600kg

specification of coconut oil machine for sale


Raw MaterialCapacity (kg/hr)Output Rate (%)Cake Residual(%)
Cotton seeds(cold pressing)220-29010-145.5-6.5
Soy bean290-33010-166.5-7
Peanut kernel350-45035-457
Rape seeds333-41530-387.5-8